Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Working for Good - FLOW Idealism

I am active in Working for Good, which is a project that was born out of FLOW Idealism. I talk about this project in my speech that I gave last night, and I strongly believe in these ideals. John Mackey, the founder of Whole Foods, was at the meeting today and discussed the reasons why we has joined flow as a co-founder. My plea to any entrepreneur out there: be a social entrepreneur.

Social entrepreneurialism is important for me because I feel like business creates jobs. After learning about the negative long-term effects of foreign aid on countries, I decided to look at alternative ways to think about how to help the world. I came across Michael Strong and Phyllis Blees, and they told me about FLOW Idealism. What they're trying to accomplish is great because they are trying to find ways to create socially conscious businesses. My feels are: why have a business that hinders society when you could have a business that helps society. And why stop there? Why not help people in developing countries move out of poverty by helping them find ways to increase their ability to earn a living? One of FLOW's missions, which is very important to me, is to help educate people in developing countries about ways to make more money and become financially stable. I am excited, and proud, to be part of such a great project!

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Ryan Pitylak