Sunday, May 16, 2010

Multivariate Testing for Template Driven Sites - Ryan Pitylak

By Ryan Pitylak

Someone needs to build a system that makes it easy to do multivariate testing across a variety of template driven websites. Many web design companies have a lot of very low traffic volume websites. Each website on its own doesn't have enough data to do great multivariate or A/B testing, but combined, the test results would be statistically significant. I've looked into quite a few different tools that purport to have this functionality, but it looks like a home grown system is currently the only realistic option when you're dealing with template driven content. However, a company should develop a way to make multivariate across template driven website testing easier. This could be done by taking a programming-focused approach to the problem. Actually go into the code that drives the website and integrate the testing technology into the code. It's very custom, which usually means is very expensive, but if someone could find a way to do this inexpensively, it would be immensely helpful.

- Ryan Pitylak

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

LifeReef Skimmer

Making Your LifeReef Skimmer Skim Successfully:

1) clean intake tube where water is coming up daily or every other day
2) water at a very high level in the underground sump (4" from top)
3) set valve closure to make very dense foam in the intake area up until the base of the collection cup
4) let run for 24 hours while it foams in the area within the collection cup
5) make sure the top of the collection cup has the solid area close to the intake tube so foam collects onto the solid area of the cap