Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Bootstrap Student Introduction to UT Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Society

Last night I gave a talk to the University of Texas at Austin Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Society The talk was about my experiences as an entrepreneur, to talk about some of the principles of bootstrapping, and to talk about the Bootstrap-Student organization.

This opportunity for me to speak was delightful because I truly enjoy helping my fellow entrepreneurs. I love to hear about other people's business ideas and help them succeed with these business ventures. This group was interesting because several people had started businesses while still in school and were struggling balancing the work with school. I've gone through these same struggles myself, and having this opportunity for me to talk about how to manage all of this is really great.

One of my goals with helping to run the Bootstrap Student Organization is to help students build a community with one another. My pleasure is being able to be a part of that building process. Working with Bijoy Goswami to learn how to build communities has been a great learning experience for me, and I hope to apply this knowledge in practical application for building the Bootstrap Student organization.

The talk in available at this website (click here).

Please wait for the file to load. It's about 50MB, and therefore might take up to 15 minutes to load.

Ryan Pitylak

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