Thursday, May 04, 2006

Thesis Completed! Effects of Globalization on the Poor, by Ryan Pitylak

Direct link to the paper written by Ryan Pitylak (click here).

After spending two semesters reading what seemed like endless sources, I've completed the thesis. Dr. Bencivenga at the University of Texas was an awesome help, providing me with direction, constructive criticism, and corrections.

I strongly believe that poverty can be steadily lowered, and globalization is one way to accomplish this.

I also think that creative entrepreneurs are one of the keys to job creation, which is necessary for developing countries to become more developed. As poor people can find jobs, their wages can increase, and some will most out of poverty. This is crucial to global development, and I feel strongly that finding some way to stop people from starving is one of our most important goals as human beings. This may not be a large contribution to that goal, but it's a start.

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