Monday, April 24, 2006

Bootstrap Student in Austin Launches!

Leaders: Ryan Pitylak, Michael Griffen, and Jacob Salamon.

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Bootstrap Student is an organization designed to teach students how to start up a company with minimal start-up capital. Most graduates do not have access to venture capital, so this is a practical method to starting up most businesses. We are focused on building a community for students who are entrepreneurially minded.

This experience is one of the most important things I'm doing right now because it's allowing me to help build a community of student entrepreneurs. We're working with Bootstrap-Austin and Bijoy Goswami to guide us through the process of building this community. Our goal is to create an environment where entrepreneurs talk with one another about running companies or about the desire to run companies. Getting everyone together to talk about this, and to give feedback on my personal experience is great, because I enjoy helping other people become successful entrepreneurs.

Ryan Pitylak

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Ryan Pitylak said...

We brought Gary Hoover to the University of Texas-Austin to speak. For more information, see the post at Also, See the review by Nev at