Saturday, March 11, 2006

Ryan Pitylak's Academic Research

My main focus of research is about economic issues. Namely, I focus most of my academic time on issues related to the poor in developing countries. Many differnet aspects of the economy affect the poor (globalization for example) and a better understanding of these issues might lead to less people living in extreme poverty. If you have any interest in this topic, please engage me in a discussion regarding this so that we can work together to finds solutions to the terrible problem of people having to live in extreme poverty.

Ryan Pitylak's Business Startup Information

Starting up a company can be difficult, especially with little cash. Please ask any questions about how to startup a company and run it on cashflow. Bootstrapping for Students is a University of Texas Organization that Ryan Pitylak helps run that teaches students how to run startup companies on cash flow. We hope to help the community by better educating enterpreneurs to run successful companies.

Ryan Pitylak's Anti-Spam Services

I hope to be able to provide valuable information in the fight against spam. Please ask any quesions ranging from general anti-spam questions to specific anti-spam questions. The intent of this blog is to embrace the opportunity for Ryan Pitylak to be able to talk with members of the community and hopefully provide valuable information to the community.